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"iLead" Leadership Profile Certification Empowering Coaches , Mentors and Consultants

Empowering Coaches On New Leadership Awareness, Highlighting Pathways For Transformational Coaching

The “iLead Leadership Profile Certification” provides increased coaching value and greater clarity for coaches and Consultants in building transformational conversations providing a platform for breakthrough feedbacks for potential development of high-performance leaders.

A MUST have 360 leadership assessment tool updated with competencies that matters most in today’s business world.

CLA’s signature iLead 360 Leadership Assessment & Profile Certification is a unique competency mapping program for leadership and transformational coaching. The profile empowers coaches with a scientific assessment providing deeper insights into leadership behaviors to navigate the transformational journey seamlessly. Scientific design and algorithms give coaches valuable insights into key competencies, leadership gaps, strengths, blind spots and hidden strengths. The deep-dive data and reflections help coaches and consultants to understand the diverse leadership styles and different stakeholder views. Discovers limiting beliefs of leaders and empowers to unleash development needs and reach meaningful results.

             Profiling  and coaching you to be the LEADER of TOMORROW!

Customized 360 profiling and executive coaching of future leaders, CEOs and senior managers in transition would go through a comprehensive evaluation of their leadership competencies and gain consciousness & awareness providing greater & deeper insight into their leadership culture and highlighting pathways for transformation to enhance key leadership competencies required to drive high-performance cultures for personal and organizational growth.

The revolutionary 360 degree leadership profiling and development tool helping coaches around the world to seamlessly transcend coaching conversations and provide meaningful results and measurable transformations.

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