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Our Mission and What Sets CLA Apart

The Colombo Leadership Academy’s mission is to create the next generation of leaders, equipped with high levels of competencies in all facets of leadership, with the ability to drive and accelerate business growth through a high degree of self-assessment and create high performance business cultures

CLA applies experiential learning through Business Impact Projects and Executive Coaching to coach future business leaders on how to effectively create cultures where people and strategies align well for the creation of shared vision and favorable results. CLA incorporatescuttingedge content and context available in the world of leadership mentoring suited to mitigate challenges in a local context

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CLA's Thought Leadership

CLA brings diverse industry experts, academics, thought leaders and innovators with years of corporate experience to impart relevant and practical insights that add-value to each participant’s leadership journey and personal growth, grooming them to be more effective at their workplace. These experienced and renowned change agents are veterans of the high-powered corporate world, both here and abroad – they get to the heart of the matter and provide the tools that can steer an organization away from fragmented leadership culture.

CLA ‘s world class leadership profiling and assessment tools help to craft high impact leadership development pathways identifying gaps & consciousness of key leadership competencies and transform leadership behaviours to align with organizational vision and to create high performance business cultures.

Unloce leadership potential to maximze performance

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