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Have You Created Your EVP?

Develop a compelling Employee Value Proposition distinctively distinguishes your organization from the rest in the industry!

COVID-19 is a massive wake up call for organizations across the globe to shift their focus from revving up their engines accelerating business growth to focus on concerted attention towards attracting and engaging a PEOPLE FIRST employee-centric, holistic employee experience strategy across the organization.

Employer Brand has become the dream of every organization today. The Employee Value Propositions and the culture of the organization should become a beautiful story to listen to and influence other organizations to take the steps in the right direction towards a holistic employee-centric culture with vibrant engagement.

CLA Coaching can help you to discover the methodology to develop your EVP and Employer Branding strategy and also to measure your present Employer Brand Strength and make your organization a truly great place to work. 

A strong employer brand could provide your organizations the following benefits

A clearly-defined EVP could well become the most promising competitive strategic advantage an organization could create to achieve its edge over competition mitigating high costs of attrition, recruitment, training and productively engage human capital to create desired business outcomes

Our Signature EVP Process Measures Employee Experiences

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